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Ruby Boyd

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 Posture & Movement Coach,
Makeup & Costume Manager

Ruby is a wife and mother by design, homeschooling and martial arts teacher by choice, and management of her and her husband's business, Origin Chiropractic House Calls. As a Board certified Christian-life coach, she is not only passionate about teaching, but she has also been leading and ministering to youth for over ten years. 


Prior to living a life of service to her family, Ruby’s background in modeling and television helped her hone a competitive edge. Ruby is a former Miss Cameron County contestant for the Miss Texas USA 1996 pageant, and 1st runner up to the Miss International Top Model competition where she designed her own costumes, and taught runway and etiquette. She feels that this experience helped place her on the path to teaching poise and posture at Eagles Wing's Studio. Ruby was also co-captain of her cheerleading squad in her high school, where she was lead climber, performing complicated stunts and assisting in dance choreography, in which her team went on to win several winning recognitions, including a city-wide championship. All these combined experiences paved the way for her to teach and prepare students to safely achieve complicated stunts, lifts and flips, and how to properly apply makeup for stage performance and costuming. 


Ruby’s background knowledge in stunts isn’t limited to previous competitions with modeling and cheerleading, as she is also a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, where self-awareness of body mechanics is crucial for climbing, flipping and spotting. Ruby has been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo for over thirteen years, teaching for seven years, and she has also trained in TaeKwonDo, boxing, and MMA. The culmination of all those experiences is what makes her passionate about passing that knowledge on to her students to help turn them into the best performers they can possibly be. 

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