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Audition Information


Please have your student(s) prepare the following for their audition:

A 32-bar selection from the approved audition song lists below. You must sing to an accompaniment track, that you provide, for your song audition. (Accompaniment tracks can be easily found online by doing a Google search).

Jr. Company Audition Songs

Sr. Company Audition Songs


Other Important information:


  • Auditions for our 2024-25 School Year will be:

  • This is a full School Year class which is broken down into the Fall and Spring semesters.

    • The first semester of the program (the Fall) is devoted to individual students' development, which requires daily homework.

    • Second semester (the Spring), the focus shifts to the team aspect, as we prepare for our spring performances. Daily home review is required.

  • Class days/times & age ranges for Company Classes:

    • Jr. Company meets Mondays, 10 am - 1:45 pm

      • ages 10 - 15 for girls

      • ages 10 - voice change for guys

    • Sr. Company meets Thursdays, 9 am - 1:45 pm

      • ages 16 -  no older than 18 as of August 1 of the program’s school season for girls

      • Voice changed guys no older than 18 as of August 1 of the program’s school season


You will receive an email within 1-2 weeks of the audition date for your student's time slot.

  • Requirements:

    • Memorize your chosen track to sing.

    • Bring your accompaniment track to sing to, either on a phone or tablet. No acapella singing.

    • Wear clothing that you can easily move in, and bring jazz/character shoes if you own them.

To learn more about our Company Classes, click the button below:

Auditions for 2023-24 are closed.
Please check back with us in early 2024 for Audition information for 2024-25!

To learn a little more about our studio, take a moment to listen to

one of our former students and current parents.











   Melissa Wheeler - Current EWS Parent   

   Kelsey Oates - Former EWS Student   

Before registering to audition, make sure this program is the right fit for you.

Please read the following information:

  1. Attendance: 

    • Regular attendance for ALL students is crucial, particularly during the 2nd Semester as we prepare for Spring Performances.

    • If you accept the offer to register, you are committing for your student to be at every class/rehearsal (except for illness or death in the family). 

    • Should more than two (2) absences occur per semester, your student may be asked to leave the program.

  2. Homework (Student Responsibility):

    • Commitment to complete assigned homework is expected.

    • Commitment to using the tools we provide, to be used at home, is a MUST; otherwise, this growth will not occur; therefore, this program is not the right fit for them.

  3. Communication (Parental Responsibility):

    • At least one parent must read ALL communications we send out.

    • It is imperative that you read everything we send out. Without this, your student will struggle to succeed in this program.

    • If you are unable or unwilling to read what we send out regularly, this is not the right program for your student.

Register to Audition!

  • Date: Spring 2024 (TBD)

  • Time: TBD

  • Location: Havilah Dance Company, 10058 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105 (map)

  • Deadline to Register: TBD


Registration commits your student(s) to audition ONLY. It does NOT register them for the class.  

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