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We strive to create an encouraging atmosphere focusing on Christian values: 
respect, humility, gratitude, and hard work.

We strive to create an encouraging atmosphere focusing on ethical values such as respect, humility, gratitude, and hard work.

About Us

Eagles’ Wings Studio has been impacting the lives of Home-Educated students since 2012 by offering a carefully curated program that provides students the opportunity to develop essential life skills while encouraging a deep appreciation for the performing arts.

This enriching environment nurtures students to confidently grow and excel, utilizing musical theatre instruction through learning, creating, and performing together. Combined with regular [at home] practice, the result has proven immeasurable growth in our students’ creativity, development of technique, self-discipline, and strengthening team, and leadership, skills.

  • Our Mission:

    • Providing an exceptional program that encourages growth and confidence in youth-aged students utilizing the multifaceted form of musical theater wherein students receive excellent training that nurtures creativity, teamwork, leadership and character development.


  • Our Vision:

    • Our goal is to offer the Greater Charlotte, NC community with exceptional performances in an effort to bring joy to the community while providing outstanding theater arts training for our home-educated youth that fosters and develops skills that will last them a lifetime.

  • Our Values:

    • Encouraging. Nurturing the whole person of each individual student in our program to bring out the very best in them.

    • Ethical. Rooted in values that focus on the development of gratitude, humility, teamwork, respect, love, integrity, self-discipline, and self-evaluation.

    • Energetic. Providing a vibrant program in which every student and family is a part of the greater team.

    • Enriching. Cultivating a collaborative environment where youth learn to thrive in the constant shifting of life.

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Call/Text: (704) 890-4799


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