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Jackie Carter

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Acting Instructor & Newsies, Jr. (2024) Director

Jackie has had a passion for the arts spanning from her time at a performing arts high school and into present day; a passion that has spanned over 25 years. She first began teaching children’s theater with Drama Kids International of Columbus, Georgia. She then moved on to make significant contributions to the performing arts through her diverse roles in directing, stage managing, costuming, and assisting in areas such as set design, props, sound and lighting. Jackie has trained stage managers and other theater college interns. Her commitment to the arts and her dedication to nurturing young talent have made her a valuable asset to theater communities in Connecticut, Georgia, Ohio, Illinois, and now North Carolina.

When she isn’t supporting young people on their quest for theatrical excellence, she is a homeschool mom. With her roots deep in her Costa Rican heritage, Jackie is bilingual in Spanish and has impressive French skills. Her love of languages is only surpassed by her natural proclivity to be a huge history nerd. This talent has assisted her not only with theater, but also in her chosen profession as a seamstress specializing in costuming and formal wear.

Her personal favorite production was directing Frozen Jr. in Sidney, Ohio with the Sock and Buskin Players. It was the first time that her entire family, including both children and her husband, played a significant part in the performance both on and off stage.

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