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Gwen Berger

Berger - headshot_edited (2).jpg

EWS Director
Sr. Company Les Mis (2024) Director

Sr. & Jr. Companies Voice Instructor

Dubbed the “Mrs. Frizzle” of Musical Theatre, Gwen loves unpacking the hidden voice and acting within each of her students.

Receiving her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from UNC-G and her Masters of Music in Vocal Performance from LSU, she pursued further training in Manhattan, which provided her many unique opportunities such as working with Metropolitan opera singers, agents, and conductors. She’s traveled in Europe working for an opera conductor and has been a personal assistant to a world-renowned opera singer for the last 23 years.

The combination of these rewarding experiences, and hearing and seeing the best the world has to offer (which she considers being the most valuable and nurturing teachers of all), has shaped her perspective on her voice and drama training.

She served as the choral director for the Charlotte Home Educators Association’s Carolina Youth Chorale for three (3) years, during which the opportunity for students to experience the joy of musical theatre was provided; as the CYC Players’ production of Little Women was performed at Elevation Blakeney to great reviews.  

She considers it a privilege to nudge, cajole, throw pom-poms, and use comical torture devices so that students can feel free to be silly or make ridiculous sounds to discover those hidden voices. Teaching a student is like leading them on a fantastic journey to seek a treasure chest, that once opened, becomes their inheritance forever.

Gwen believes music is a powerful element in all of our lives and finds it exciting to share it with others. She says, "Have you ever noticed how we come fully equipped with our own exquisite instrument that identifies us and helps to define who we are and how and where we soar? Think of your mom’s voice…now make that voice sing. Smile!

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