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Company Classes

The Company Classes offer homeschool students ages ten and up rigorous instruction and classical training in acting, singing, and dancing (the "Triple Threat") with the end goal of performing in a spring musical.  Other performance opportunities include a yearly recital and community outreach events.

We devote the fall semester to growing students in every aspect of the Triple Threat, and we dedicate the spring semester to preparing for the musicals.  Our classes and rehearsals are held at Havilah Dance Company.  Our Jr. Company meets on Mondays from 10am - 1:45 pm; our Sr. Company meets on Thursdays from 10 am-1:45 pm.

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For our Junior Company classes, we use theater games and exercises to build acting skills.

With our Senior Company, we use the renowned Meisner Technique, which places a large emphasis on acting in the moment and reacting to your partner.


Both companies acquire singing skills through classical vocal literature and choral singing.

Additionally, each student sings in front of their class each week in a master class environment.


Students in both companies are exposed to classical dance styles including ballet, tap, and jazz to emphasize form, while simultaneously learning original choreography from iconic Broadway musicals.

Audition Information
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