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Eagles' Wings offers students the opportunity to learn, create and perform together.  Our musical theatre training provides rigorous instruction that helps students explore their creativity, develop classical singing, dancing, and acting techniques, and build self-discipline while fostering a lifetime love of the performing arts and strengthening their leadership skills. 

COVID-19 Precautions

Eagles’ Wings Studio is dedicated to the safety of all students and instructors during the COVID-19 pandemic.  All individuals receive a temperature check upon entry, face coverings are mandatory at all times, and physical distancing is employed when possible. EWS has enacted rigorous cleaning procedures in accordance with CDC guidelines and has provided hand sanitizing stations throughout the studio.  In addition, certain areas, such as bathrooms, are limited to only one occupant at a time.  


Recreational Classes:

Students from birth to high school are introduced to the three essential elements of musical theatre, learning the foundations in singing, acting, and dancing.

Company Classes:

Students ages 10 and up receive more rigorous instruction and classical training in singing, acting, and dancing with the end goal of performing in a spring production.

Eagles' Wings Has Done it Again!

When we first heard of Eagles’ Wings selection of Holiday Inn as the choice for this year’s musical, we must admit that we were a bit skeptical of the troupe’s ability to pull off the magnitude of such a production. Having watched the Broadway version and seeing the scope of staging involved, we knew it would be a monumental undertaking, particularly for a largely student-age cast.  But upon seeing the final product, it’s clear that  every detail of a well-crafted and entertaining show was expertly managed by the group’s leadership. 


With professional direction by Gwen Berger and polished choreography by Karen Vitco, the company transformed into well-rehearsed, accomplished performers with an obvious love for the theatre.  We had the joy of conducting a summer tap workshop with the cast six months prior to opening, and to witness the growth in the students in such a short amount of time is a testament to their work ethic and dedication. 


Rounding out the talented singing and dancing were the extraordinary costumes by Beverly Oates and exceptional set design by Elijah English.  Once again, Eagles’ Wings put all the pieces together to make for a top-notch production. 

~ Salvatore and Barbara Messina

King David Christian Conservatory


(704) 890-4799

Classes meet at:

Havillah Dance Company


Hope Church

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Eagles' Wings Studio is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

All donations are tax deductible.


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"The performing arts bring out the tiny seed of an extrovert in me in a way that nothing else does." 


~ student 


"I've learned not to judge others and instead applaud them for their hard work and effort."

~ student

"I feel encouraged (even when I'm being criticized) and I know that everyone wants the best for me and everything they say and do is out of love" 

~ student


"I never really believed that singing was possible for me, but so far, Eagles' Wings has been proving me wrong."

~ student

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