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Audition Information


Please prepare the following for your audition:

A 32 bar selection from the approved audition song lists below.  You must sing to an accompaniment track for your song audition.  (Accompaniment tracks can be easily found online by doing a Google search).

Jr. Company Audition Songs

Sr. Company Audition Songs

Prepare and record the following Dance Combo (The videos are to help you learn the dance.  You are not required to perform the combination with newspapers, but you may it you 'd like)

  • #1 Video -  Newsies Teaching

  • #2 Video - Combo - No Music (counts only)

  • #3 Video - Combo - With Music

  • #4 Music Track - you will use to dance to when you record your audition video

Other information:


  1. All auditions will be via video submission.

  2. All submissions must be received by April 26th. You may send your videos in earlier if desired, however, decisions will not be emailed out until April 29th.

  3. Audition videos without a completed registration will not be considered.

Audition Information
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