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Marni Arnold

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Studio Administrator

Marni handles all of our behind-the-scenes tasks that keep our business moving. She came to us as a studio mom in 2018 with a writing background and began volunteering for EWS in communications while her son participated for a couple of years in the program in the Jr. Company production of Madagascar Jr. and enjoyed a part in Holiday Inn in 2020. She has a High School choral background and enjoys the theater arts, musicals, and music in general. Relocating to the Charlotte, NC area in 1997 from Southern AZ, she also has a background in EMS/Fire and Biology, has been married for 20+ years, and has been homeschooling since 2009.


Currently, as she continues homeschooling her son through High School, she is an avid volunteer within the local homeschooling community and their Co-Op Tutorials Program, and an ACBC Biblical Counseling Student with a Bachelor of Science in Religion from Liberty University. She also has an EMT-Basic & Firefighting background, bringing an element of team-building from this part of her life. She enjoys being a part of the Eagles’ Wings staff to support every area of the studio, notably to uphold and honor this program's mission, vision, and values.


She can be reached for any EWS admin-related inquiries by text or email at: (704) 890-4799 or

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